Genres of Music

Classical Music – “The Train Ride”, “Forgiveness”, “Distraction”, and “Convergence of Angels”.

Jazz Music – “Recourse”, “The Lady Butterfly of Sarajevo”, “Gravity”, “The Seamstress of Hanoi”, “The Unheard Cry”, and “The Vendor of Sri Lanka”.

African Music – "The Birth of An African Emperor”

Gospel Music – “Praise God The Creator Of All”

Film Music – “From Shenyang to Mumbai”, “From Caracas to Bogota”, and “Flight of The Two Generals”.

World Music – “Subconscious Immersed 4thMovement”, “Untangled”, ‘The Birth of An African Emperor”, and “Praise God The Creator Of All”.

R&B Music – “Remember”, and “No More Dragging On”.

Literary Composition -  “Republic”, “A Mother’s Silent Cry”, and “Why God Doesn’t Trust Jesus With His Secret”.

-- John Clis